We help lower health care costs, so you can invest in more growth.

Competitive Aggregate Purchasing Options

Give your portfolio companies options. Customized purchasing arrangements bring the value to an aggregated purchasing model to your portfolio companies. Each company benefits from being able to choose the funding arrangement and plan design that helps meet the needs of their business.

Portfolio Trend Management

Get deeper insights that can help lead to greater efficiencies. Our trend management tool provides enhanced reporting on your entire portfolio, identifying utilization trends and opportunities for improved financial and to help clinical outcomes.

Strong National Network

Take advantage of our large network. Because our network reaches 98 percent of the population of the United States, your portfolio companies and their employees can choose from more than 879,374 physicians and health care professionals and 5,672 hospitals*.

Convenient Resources for Members

Knowledge is power. Our mobile, online or person-to-person resources help members make informed health care decisions.

Dedicated, Responsive Private Equity Team

Get personalized service from a dedicated Private Equity team that understands the complex and fast-paced nature of your Private Equity business.

Private Equity Designated Call Team

A designated team of professionals is available to assist members of UHC’s private equity customers. Using powerful data and technology as tools, our advocates guide one member at a time to a solid solution – all with an eye toward improved outcomes and lower costs. Backed by a strong investment in health care, excellence in compassion and a human touch.

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