Care for employees, savings for you? You’ll get that, too.

Zero deductible health plan options. $0 Virtual Visit copays. Personalized health benefits advocate support. Health plans from Oxford have them all.

Here’s what an Oxford plan has to offer

Personalized advocate support

Highly trained advocates provide employees with proactive guidance on health programs, preventive care, ways to lower costs and more through Advocate4Me®. It’s designed to help improve the health and productivity of employees — which helps your bottom line. In fact, the program has led to $72 million in savings for employees and employers.1

$0 Virtual Visit copays

With $0 copays*, 24/7 Virtual Visits give employees access to nonemergency care — anytime, anywhere from their mobile device.** It's designed to help them get healthier without needing to get a lot of time off work.

Zero deductible plan options

With fixed copays and 100% coinsurance, employees know their out-of-pocket costs before seeing their providers, which helps avoid cost confusion. Plus, these plans are designed to be more affordable, which may help you save on health care costs.

How our advocates may help your employees


A variety of network and plan designs

Helping to make it easier for you to find the just-right fit for your business and employees.

Oxford Freedom Network

Our premier provider network has been offering access in the downstate New York region2 for over 3 decades. Employees can see more than 119,000 physicians and other health care professionals across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.3 Plus, an additional 1.4 million providers through our UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network.4

Oxford Liberty Network

Our more focused mid-sized option for downstate New York,2 this is for employers who are seeking a better balance between costs and employee satisfaction. Plans offered with this network provide access to more than 116,000 physicians and other health care professionals across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut3 — as well as national access.

Oxford Metro Network®

Our answer to affordability, the Oxford Metro network provides access to more than 73,000 local providers3 in downstate New York2 and New Jersey, while offering plans with our most competitive rates.

More than 35 years of innovation and commitment in the tristate area

While other health plans have come and gone, Oxford has provided reliable access to care and coverage along with an unwavering dedication to our customers throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut since 1984.

Empowering health community grants

So far this year, we have provided over $1 million in grants to 6 community-based organizations in New York aimed at expanding access to care and addressing the social determinants of health.

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Giving our time

In 2021, our employees provided more than 102,500 hours of volunteer support throughout New York.5


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