The future looks bright with NexusACO®

The UnitedHealthcare NexusACO plan is coming to Oregon and bringing together the best of both worlds: a health care experience built for excellence and the potential to save employers up to 15%.1 Explore the health plan designed to brighten your employees’ day and your bottom line.

Built to help employees make informed health care choices


You may save up to 15% by choosing a NexusACO plan.1 Plus, employees have access to wellness services and support designed to help them save even more on out-of-pocket expenses.

Download the NexusACO flier to learn about features and benefits.

Tiered network

NexusACO uses a tiered network to guide employees to doctors and ACOs with a proven record for providing quality, cost-efficient care. Employees may get more from their benefits when they choose Tier 1 physicians and specialists. If ACOs are not available, Tier 1 is UnitedHealth Premium® Care Physicians and specialists.

Member experience

Each employee can choose a primary care physician (PCP) to lead and coordinate their care, help them navigate the health space, and support their overall experience.

Download the Provider Directory Guide Instructions to find a Tier 1 provider.

A doctor in their corner

With NexusACO, employees and their covered family members choose a PCP during open enrollment. Their PCP acts as a trusted single point of contact to coordinate all aspects of their care. Employees in a NexusACO plan get the greatest value when they choose Tier 1 PCPs and specialists.

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