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grow up to 25%

A local plan providing access to health care, Signature value Harmony is built for savings, simplicity and choice. Dig into all we have to offer.

Plant seeds of savings with the UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue® Harmony HMO

With its alliance of Southern California and Bay Area caregivers, SignatureValue Harmony HMO is built for savings — up to 25%.A better health care experience for you and your employees is here — with lower premiums to $0 out-of-pocket costs (depending on plan design).1


  • $0 primary care provider (PCP)
  • $0 urgent care visits
  • $0 online 24/7 Virtual Visits
  • Lower premiums1


  • PCP relationship guides care and helps members avoid surprise costs 
  • Access to more than 22,000 local network providers2
  • Support that makes it easy for employees to transition from their current carrier


  • Coverage for all employees, no matter where they are located
  • One number to call — dedicated support team to help employees enroll, get care, make the most of benefits and more
  • 24/7 Virtual Visits with anytime, anywhere access to a provider
  • Digital tools that put care and benefit information at employees’ fingertips

Meet our community of caregivers

Get access to thousands of doctors, dozens of care centers and many local hospitals within the SignatureValue Harmony network.

Note: AppleCare, HealthCare Partners and Monarch Healthcare are now Optum.

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