From the classroom to the living room, health coverage for the whole you

Learn why UnitedHealthcare’s K–12 health plans are a smart choice for your school district

Quality K–12 health plans with resources for challenging times

UnitedHealthcare understands that K–12 teachers, administrators and school staff are now facing greater demands at work and at home. So we’ve designed health care plans exclusively for them and their families — to help ease the stresses and strains.

Our plans are designed to help keep educators and staff healthier

Cost-saving features

Our K–12 health plans allow educators to tailor programs to best address their particular health care needs and manage costs.

Mental and behavioral health support

Our coverage includes the option to connect with a mental health provider by phone or video from home— and an on-demand emotional support program to help with stress, anxiety and depression.

Digitally-based programs

Members can earn rewards for healthier living, weight loss and walking with our popular programs like Rally®, Real Appeal® and UnitedHealthcare Motion®.

Supporting Dayton educators and staff

We’re so proud of and grateful for the people who are helping us power through unprecedented challenges each and every day.

Dayton K-12

Tips and resources for the whole you

The ingredients of healthy eating

Suggestions for relieving stress

Tips for more rewarding workouts

Reach out to us to learn how we may be able to help your district save money on quality K–12 health plans.