Welcome to Care Cash™

A preloaded debit card that helps guide you to eligible care (and helps pay for it), Care Cash comes loaded with $200 for individuals or $500 for family plans. If you've never logged in to myuhc.com® before, create an account and then find Care Cash under the "Coverage & Benefits" tab.

Care Cash

Not a Credit Card

No credit check and no application process required, because Care Cash isn’t a line of credit.

No Surprise Costs

With Care Cash, there are no penalties and no fees associated with your card. Ever.

All Yours

Care Cash is a part of your plan and can be used to pay for eligible expenses for you and your family.

Eligible Expenses

Virtual Visits

Virtual urgent care for common concerns (from the flu to allergies)

UnitedHealth Premium® Care Physicians 

Doctors who meet benchmarks — based on national standards — for quality and cost-efficiency (from specialists to family clinicians)

Primary Care

The place to start for routine care (from physical to behavioral health).

Urgent Care

From care at convenience clinics (for flu shots and minor injuries) to urgent care (for broken bones and infections).

Care Cash is already a part of your plan. Get your card today.
If you've never logged in to myuhc.com® before, create an account and then find Care Cash under the "Coverage & Benefits" tab.

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It's a reward program that supports members with out-of-pocket expenses. Care Cash also helps with deciding where to get care by supporting care option that include Primary Care physicians, Virtual Visits, Urgent Care and UnitedHealth Premium® Care Physicians.

There's no catch. We heard from members that out-of-pocket expenses can discourage when and where they get care. So we decided to help cover them with Care Cash.When more members use high quality and cost effective providers costs go down for everyone, which we think is a good thing.

No. There are no fees, penalties, or income restrictions associated with the debit card. 

If you're covered by a Care Cash eligible UnitedHealthcare medical plan you will receive a Care Cash invitation. Then all you have to do is register at myuhc.com/carecash. The card will be mailed to you with a specific reward amount already preloaded. It's that easy!

You can find eligible providers by visting myuhc.com/carecash and using the provider search tool or by calling the toll-free number. Once you've received care that includes an out-of-pokcet expense, Care Cash can be used for payment. 

Care Cash can be used for UnitedHealthcare's broad network of providers. This includes Premium Care providers, In-Network Primary Care providers, Virtual Visit providers and In-Network Urgent Care facilities. 

The card balance and recent transaction detail can be monitored in two ways. Members can call the consumer support toll-free number and/or they can access the myuhc.com/carecash website.

If you remain covered under a Care Cash eligible UnitedHealthcare medical plan, the card will be eligible for reloaded reward amounts. Additionally, unspent reward dollars will accumulate to a designated maximum amount, there's no use it or lose it. Finally, the card will expire at three years, but eligible members will automatically receive a new card to activate.

Currently, medical plans that align with an HSA or HRA are not eligible for Care Cash.