Finally, a health plan that may actually give you money back*

Unlike traditional health plans, All Savers® Alternate Funding is truly tailored to your business. Your rates are based on your employees only so they aren’t impacted by high claims that other businesses may experience. And if your employees are healthier and have lower claims than expected, you may get a refund at year end.

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In fact, more than half of Florida businesses with All Savers received a refund this year, the average of which was $16,094.1

Designed for more savings and more freedom

With All Savers, your business is:

Exempt from most Affordable Care Act regulations and state insurance mandates.

Saving money with lower premium taxes.

Free to choose from a variety of plan designs and provider networks.

Protected from unexpected high claims with stop-loss insurance.

Eligible for a refund at the end of the year if claims are lower than expected.

Getting wellness programs at no additional cost, which may help your employees get healthier and lower costs for everyone.

Wellness programs built for healthier employees and extra savings

Because your All Savers plan is based on the health and claims experience of your employees, wellness programs designed to help your employees get healthier and lower claims costs may provide even more savings.

UnitedHealthcare Motion

Your employees may earn up to $1,000 by meeting daily walking goals. With UnitedHealthcare Motion®, participants complete daily goals to earn rewards.

HealthiestYou Virtual Care

With HealthiestYou™, employees have 24/7 unlimited mobile access to doctors who can diagnose, prescribe and treat with no consult fees.


Encourage your employees to become healthier. Rally® helps employees set wellness goals and earn rewards when they reach them.

Learn more about All Savers and how it compares to a traditional (fully insured) plan to find the right fit for your business.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, but they differ from a purely self-funded arrangement in important ways. All Savers plans provide additional protection from large catastrophic claims with a stop-loss insurance policy. So you won’t have to pay more for claims throughout the year or at the end of your plan year, even if you have high claims costs.

Your payment doesn’t change month-to-month. All Savers locks in a level-funded monthly payment for your plan year, regardless of your actual employee claims.

Your fixed monthly payment goes toward 3 things:

  1. Your health plan that pays employees’ covered medical expenses. Every month, when you send in your regular payment, part of it is set aside to pay for your employees’ covered medical bills. In other words, when your employees go to the doctor, their eligible claims are paid straight from the money that was set aside. If the money that goes in during the year is more than what comes out, you may get money back after you renew your plan. If your employees have low claims, that refund could be substantial. 
  2. Administrative services for your plan, including employee onboarding, customer service, billing and claims processing, all done for you.
  3. A stop-loss insurance policy that protects your business if claims are higher than expected.

Every month when you make your payment, part of it goes toward stop-loss insurance. This provides protection from unexpected high claims.

Yes. And they’re included in your plan at no additional cost to you or your employees. Because they’re designed to help your employees get healthier, they may help lower claims and provide more savings for everyone.

The 2 biggest reasons: more savings and more control. With a fully insured plan, your costs are based on a wider pool, including businesses that may have higher overall claims than yours. All Savers is based only on your employees’ medical claims. So when their claims are lower than expected, you may get a refund at year-end.

And when you have a self-funded plan like All Savers, your business is exempt from many Affordable Care Act regulations and state insurance mandates that can be costly for some small businesses. You may also pay lower premium taxes.

With a variety of plan designs and provider networks available, All Savers can be truly customized to fit your business. It’s worth your time to compare these health plans with your traditional (fully insured) plan to see which may be the better fit.

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With a variety of plan designs and provider networks available, All Savers can be truly customized to fit your business. It’s worth your time to compare All Savers with your traditional (fully insured) plan to see which may be the better fit.