Custom high need member management

We identify families of children with complex healthcare needs through analytics and assign a designated adviser who provides comprehensive advocacy for the entire family—not just the child. Backed by a multi-disciplinary team, they’ll help reduce the weight of responsibility, at no additional cost.

On average, families with complex needs have:

  • 11x more denied claims
  • 7x as many medical claims
  • 7x more out-of-pocket costs
  • 23x more hospital admits1

A single point of contact backed with streamlined, compassionate support


We get to know families and help them manage everyday tasks.


We work with a network of partners and social services to try and resolve the most challenging issues.


We support clinicians by helping them coordinate care, access social services for families and try to reduce administrative needs.

The difference it makes

75 point
increase in likelihood to recommend2

medical cost savings per child per year2

increase in behavioral health engagement2

reduction in claims2

reduction in claim rework2