Barb's Story

Barb’s* high blood pressure put her at risk for diabetes. This was exacerbated by the recent deaths of her father and two sons that left her overcome with grief, unable to maintain a regular diet and skipping doctor visits.

A call with an Advocate, Yanet, about benefits led to a deeper conversation and a personal connection.

Barb responded to Yanet’s compassion and opened up about the pain she was experiencing.

Yanet recognized the trigger words signaling the need for behavioral health intervention. She shared information about self-serve behavioral health support including the Sanvello app, as well as in-person support groups, and one-on-one therapy available through her Employee Assistance Program at no additional cost for Barb.

At the end of the call, Barb felt she was on the path to getting the support she needed. Yanet and the clinical behavioral support team followed up on a regular basis to ensure Barb was getting the behavioral care she needed and visiting her primary care doctor to treat her high blood pressure.

Better Experience

“I would never have known any of that if not for [Yanet]. She did all the research. I mean, she went totally out of her way to help me. And it's something I never expected.”